Saturday, April 06, 2013

All the single ladies.



Deep sighs ricochet off my lungs, reminding me to quit that youthful tobacco habit. I cough hard, knowing that should clear the issue, and make me buy ONE more pack of camels.


Ever since I started Lexapro, water has been the standard on my bedside table. Damn dry mouth.  I've accepted the side effect has been a fucked sleep schedule. My eyes force themselves into R.E.M land with thoughts Bukowski would be proud of.


Is that my phone, or did I leave my vibrator on? Again.


Should I admit I that I'm trying to prolong the fantasy land I was in for at least 20 more minutes? At least in this faraway land, the boy that I'm infatuated with doesn't tease - it's all give, and I take.


I work in an hour and a half. If I just rinse off, I should be able to get ready in 45 minutes. I think I have a Cliff bar to eat on the way to work.


Dear Febreeze, you've saved me again. I didn't forget about you, Cucumber Melon spritz: your stripper aroma is gonna save me from having to shower - but not without coworkers questioning my whereabouts last night.


Whoever invented Tide pens, gets my mouth around their genitals. Genius!


Made it. Despite my bed head that I have coined, "Beach Wave", everything turned out. Although my pervert colleague has been taking a special interest in me...I think it's gonna be a good day.